Why selling things you no longer want or need is a triple win!

I am so passionate about this... Embarrassingly passionate! I’m always telling people “guess how much money I made on gumtree?”. And no I don't work for gumtree!

We are all pretty interested in getting rid of clutter but it’s actually really hard to let go of some things. You work hard for your money and then you put it into stuff (among other things) and it ends up just sitting around your home.

Even if you know you no longer want or use something anymore we get these little hang ups because our logical side says all these things like “I paid good money for that”, "there's nothing wrong with this!" and "maybe if I put this thing here, I will use it one day".

A good little question to ask yourself is “Does this item bring me joy?”. If the answer is not a clear 'yes!' – move it on – you are not going to use it!

And if you can sell it, it makes it a lot easier to let go of.

You will not believe the crap that people will buy on gumtree – they will buy anything! I could tell you some stories of what I’ve gotten rid of. All you have to do is be really open about what it is and what condition it is in and often there’s someone out there who wants it. And then not only do you not have this stuff cluttering up your home anymore but you get money for it and you also make someone else happy because they're getting something at a great price.
It’s a win win! No it’s a TRIPLE win!

The earlier you identify the things that no longer bring you joy and need to get rid of, the more useful that item is going to be to someone else because it’s in the newest possible condition and the value is still in it so they’re going to end up better off and so are you.

We all have either financial goals or lists of things we would like to buy and we’re holding on to this crap around our homes that we don’t even want and that’s in our way. Get that money back out of it and put it into something that you actually want.