You have a voice when it comes to money... and it's important!

Because there is so much we don’t know when it comes to financial matters, we often count ourselves out and lose confidence. But it is so important to develop your own opinions and own money voice. What YOU think matters! You can always get someone to fill the gaps you don’t know. So have a little bit of confidence, and get clear on your opinions and where you want to go. That is such an important piece of the puzzle! A financial advisor can help you get somewhere but they can’t tell you where you want to go - you have to come up with that! Plus, when you work out what’s important to you and where you want to go, you are actually connected to your goals and you are so much more likely to follow through with them. Even your crappy plans are going to have so much more power, compared to someone else’s whizz bang plan that you are not emotionally connected to and don't believe in. Don’t count what you have to add to the equation out.

Remember: Be confident, have opinions, know where you want to go, and ask for help when you need it - it's okay not to know stuff. This is key to taking ownership of your financial future.